Tampa Florida Restaurants That Will Wow You When You Visit - On The Search For St Petersburg Apartments
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Tampa Florida Restaurants That Will Wow You When You Visit

Tampa Florida Restaurants That Will Wow You When You Visit

We just got done virtually visiting Tampa FL in the last article and seeing four of the city’s top places to eat. Restaurants are a favorite subject of mine, and Tampa has a ton of them. If you have not yet been to Tampa, then these fine establishments can help give you a great first impression. Where do you think we will wind up first, and what types of cuisines are you in for this time?

Daily Eats is one of the top Tampa restaurants, and it has a cool name. Let’s see what you would be eating there. First, it is located on South Howard Avenue, and let’s just say you have a chance to pick french toast or go with a burger for starters. That let’s you know that Daily Eats is a great restaurant to enjoy brunch. Also, if you are searching for a gluten free meal, this could also be your spot.

Bahama Breeze on North Rocky Point Drive serves up some interesting food for sure. Reviewers also say that this establishment has a very nice atmosphere. This is a seafood place, but don’t limit your thinking to just seafood. Also, don’t think that you are going to see dishes that look the same as you are used to seeing them. One of the pictures on a top travel site of an entree the restaurant serves looks like one amazing creation.

On Swann is another top restaurant, and it can be found on West Swann Avenue. Enjoy a burger, kale salad, pork chop or many other great eats at On Swann. This Tampa restaurant is certainly a favorite, and it is just one of many. You can really start to see now just what all you are in for. According to reviewers, this restaurant is also in a location that is great for walking.

Besito Mexican is a great spot if you are wanting to enjoy some delicious Mexican food. It is found at West Shore Plaza, and along with all of those delicious eats, the ambiance of the restaurant looks really nice. Maybe you will even decide to enjoy a margarita or two while you are there. This place would probably have to be my first pick out of the four when eating in Tampa, unless I decided to stop by Bahama Breeze first. Which one of these Tampa restaurants gets your first visit on your trip?