The Best Way To See Major Cities In Florida - On The Search For St Petersburg Apartments
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The Best Way To See Major Cities In Florida

The Best Way To See Major Cities In Florida

If your goal is to pick a state every year that you are going to visit, you may want to consider Florida this year. There are several different cities that you will be able to visit each of which will have fun things to do. If your goal is to hit all of the major cities, you can do this. You could do this by flying there, and then taking a road trip. Here are some of the top cities that you can visit when you go to Florida, and by traveling along the coast, you are going to see some of the best ones that people really enjoy.

First Fly Into Miami

The first place you need to land is Miami. This will allow you to have a great place to begin. It’s one of the more famous cities in all of Florida, with the exception of Orlando. From there you can head up to Fort Lauderdale which is a famous city because of all the parties that happen during spring break. Continuing up, you can go to Orlando which is where all of the Disney amusement parks are located. Heading further north to the top, you need to go to Jacksonville which is very close to the coast. You need to head west into Tallahassee, the capital of the state of Florida, and then head down into Tampa. From there, you should head to Naples to play some golf. There are some of the most expensive homes and golf courses in the United States in this one little area. Finally, you need to conclude your trip by going to the Florida Keys, and then head back to Miami.

How Can You Save Money On This Trip?

This type of trip is going to take you two or three weeks, and you are going to need a hotel at each place that you stay. Therefore, if you go online to book this as a package with your flight, hotels, and your car rental, you could save several thousand dollars. It’s all about combining everything together, and as long as you have a game plan and know how far you are going to travel, you can plan accordingly. It’s also a great way to circumvent the entire state to see some of the major cities that it has available. This is a trip that everyone should do at least once so they can truly experience why Florida is one of the most magical places on earth.